A Solar Initiative for a Renewable California

California is striving to create megawatts of new solar-generated electricity, moving the state towards a clean energy future.

Join the thousands of home and business owners who have earned cash back rebates by installing solar energy systems through the Greener California initiative.

Benefits of the Greener California Initiative

Direct Power

Own your own energy production and storage

Save Money

Save up to 65% off your electric bill.

Locked-in Rates

Be insulated from utility companies bumping up energy rates

Free Install

Zero money down. Zero out-of-pocket.

With power consumption at an all-time high—and growing—energy costs are constantly on the rise. Invest in your energy future now and keep your rates predictable. It’s the perfect time to join the team and get solar.

Fill out the form and a Greener California representative will reach out to go over the best options for your home.

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From Other Californians

John Walter
Irvine, CA
This was our second time installing solar on a home. We went with Greener California this time and it was much more streamlined than the first time.
Leslie Fredrikson
Roseville, CA
This is how you do solar!
Al Paulo
Bakersfield, CA
I worked on a lot on roofs years back with my sons so I had seen a lot of bad solar panel jobs. The GC technicians did everything by the book. Everything straight and sealed tight.
Ben Feldmann
Cupertino, CA
Very efficient process. Was able to defer to your expertise on all the plans and then everything came together as planned.
Donald Price
Riverside, CA
My house is large and so it's expensive to keep cool so when I saw one of your green shirts on my street so I started asking questions about solar. No BS. We were able to move forward very quickly.
Sara Owens
Fresno, CA
I had been thinking about solar for a while but I never did anything. I still never did anything! Greener California did it all!

Did You Know?

All of the energy we use on earth comes from the sun.

Plants convert the sun's energy into forms that animals can consume.

No need to wait thousands of years for those plants and animals to turn into carbon-based fossil fuels when we can get energy directly from the sun using solar panels.